Steps to Configure the Linksys Smart Wifi Router as Repeater

The user can also use the Linksys smart wifi router as a repeater. With the help of these arrangements, the user will able to connect more than one computer with the network. It will increase the range of the network. In this blog, we will discuss how to connect the as a repeater. The user can use the old version router as a repeater it will boost the wireless signal beyond the reach of the current Linksys smart router. The followings are some of the important instructions to configure the Linksys router as the Repeater:

Restart the Linksys Smart wifi Router

Most importantly, reset the Linksys router to maintain a strategic distance from any complexities. To reset the Linksys router, search for the reset button on the backboard of the router. Ensure the Linksys device is fueled on. Press and hold the reset button with a paper cut until the light starts blinking. Discharge the reset button on the Linksys router and trust that the router will restart. Every one of the settings has been reset to the industrial facility defaults.

Connect the Computer device with the Linksys Router

Connect the computer device with the Linksys router by using the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the router.

Sign In to the Linksys Router

Navigate the internet browser and visit the default IP address of the router. Whenever incited, enter the username and password on the Linksys login page. You can discover the default login subtleties on the backboard of the router. Go to the subsequent stage to arrange the Linksys router as a repeater.

Access the Login setup page of the Linksys Smart wifi router

When you click the ‘Login’ button, it redirects you to the router login setup page. On the ‘Basic arrangement’ page and disable the DHCP server. This can keep the router from directing IP delivers to the device on the system. You should mood killer the DHCP server on the router to keep away from connection issues.

Change the default IP address of the Linksys Smart wifi Router

To set up Linksys router repeater mode, change the IP address of the subsequent router if the primary router has a similar IP address. If both the routers are Linksys router, at that point the IP address ought to be distinctive for the two routers to stay away from the contentions.

Configure the settings of the Linksys Smart wifi Router

Configure the router settings of the Linksys router if you need to utilize Linksys switch as a repeater. Click on the ‘Wireless’ settings. Presently, change the SSID on the subsequent router. The system SSID of this router ought to be equivalent to the system SSID of the principle router. Click on the ‘Wireless Security’ and set up the wireless encryption key to keep your home system secure. Click on the ‘Update Settings’ and Save the changes.

Detach the Ethernet link from the subsequent router just as from the PC. Presently, associate the Ethernet link from the LAN port on the back of the principle router to the WAN port of the router that you changed over into a repeater.

Things to be required to Access the Linksys Smart wifi router

  • Hardware connection (Ethernet Cable)
  • There is no need to use the cross-Over cables and the straight-through wires
  • Before accessing the configuration process of the Linksys smart wifi you will need to connect the computer devices with the wireless router.
  • Check that the Linksys smart wifi router must be powered On.
  • Always set the strong password to access the login setup page of the router.

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